Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So I don't forget:)

This post is for me. Its huge and if you don't read it, you'll have 15 minutes of extra time today. I write it because every time I tell my mother a story of one of my kids, she will undoubtedly ask me if I've written it down. And I never do. So here I sit, only 31 with a 7 yr old as my oldest and I'm having trouble remembering which stories go with which kids already. Clearly from the below list, you can tell my memory is shot and since Cordell is the one who's being extra "funny" right now, he's got the longest list.
So here it goes:

He was 4, hated washing his hands after he went to the bathroom (took too much time) and hated even more having to go back in the bathroom once I figured out he hadn't. This time, he thought himself to be a genius so when I asked directly after he came out one time, "Preston, did you wash your hands?" he lied and said he did. I calmly told him to let me feel his hands since I knew they'd still be wet if he had. Apparently so did he. Cause turned his head from me licked his hands and held them out to me...

From the age of 9 months to 3 yrs, glared at anyone he didn't know. And if he really liked you then you got a head butt:)

I had a zit on my chin and Preston asked what it was. I, being in a foul mood already, replied in my meanest "end of conversation voice" .."its a zit." He not picking up on my unmotherly tone asked "what's a zit?" I, trying to calm down from my bad mood, replied that it was ouch that you sometimes got on your face. He wouldn't drop it and kept asking "why is it so big? what makes it red? you should put a bandaid on it!" At this point Noah became curious and started staring at me as well. He chimed in with "it looks like a mosquito bite" at which Preston under his breath said "That must have been one big mosquito!" (I laugh now, in fact I'm laughing as I write this but at the time I said something like "That was so rude Preston, you don't talk to your mother that way, blah blah blah...." Then Noah, my little brown noser, said "Mom I think it was a little mosquito!" I told them both to drop it.

Likes to wear all orange. I told him he looks like a giant pumpkin in orange sweats and an orange shirt. He tells me he doesn't care and walks out the door. He's not my most fashion conscious kid.

Just cut his own bangs and asked if they looked cool. They did in fact NOT look cool.

He is extremely smart. The kind of smart where Jared and I will look at each other and mouth "how did he know that?" He is a mom pleaser. None of the other kids are sadly. And we love him so much.

Once asked a man why he was fat...awkward

Told everyone I was pregnant with twins...again awkward

I asked him once if he'd ever kissed a girl. His face got all demure and shy-like while he nodded yes. I got my big surprised-eyes on and asked him who and he said in the cutest little voice "I kissed Maddi....(long pause while looking mischievous).....on da wips (he can't say his "TH's" or his "L's"). Maddi is his 15 yr old cousin. We are in so much trouble when he's a teenager.

I like to sing, I've been told I have an adequate singing voice. In fact if I had to pick my favorite talent it would be singing!! But EVERY TIME and I kid you not, that I sang to Noah when he was little, about age 1 to 2, if I started singing he'd look at me, get this annoyed little face and then stick his fingers in his ears. By the way, he never once did it when Jared put him to sleep and sang to him. Again now laughing after the fact.

He's our sensitive one, who picks up on mood shifts and gives luvs easily and readily. And before I forget, our only child who spends inordinate amounts of time to make his hair into a faux hawk and look cool.

Cordell: Where to start and remember he's not even two yet. :):)
He's put a cube of softened butter 3 separate times into the toaster.

Took a Costco sized Garlic powder container and dumped it...where?...into the toaster

He's eaten poo 5 different times

He loves to be naked, I'll leave it at that, oh and that he's not potty trained.

He climbed our shelving unit in our garage that has 3 shelves each spaced 2 feet high (not even sure how he could manage that height with his 8 inch legs but clearly its possible) to get to the top where Jared keeps all his fishing gear (that he never uses) and got a fish hook stuck in him.

If you leave any door unlocked he's GONE. And for the majority of his life its been winter here, so that makes me look really bad.....naked, 1 yr old running down the snow covered street.

We keep all three bathroom doors, the office door, all 3 house exit doors, and the pantry door locked at all times. Reasons why we lock them....1: so I don't look bad 2: he really likes the toilet, hand soap, my makeup, eating deodorant, putting whole rolls of toilet paper in the toilet, turning on the tub and playing in it (which looked very dangerous but he seemed to be having a blast),and did I mention he likes the toilet and reason # 3: whole bags of flour and oddly cornstarch (which clings if you didn't know) are really difficult to clean up, like twice in one day)

He's poured both the caramel and chocolate topping bottles all over himself and the floor.

We find frozen hamburger pkgs on the garage floor all the time and some thawed, since I can't monitor the outdoor freezer at all times.

He's carried dead mice and live ones into the laundry room from the garage. Yes, he's that fast, to catch a live mouse. (By the way, the lock on the garage door no longer stops him if you didn't guess)

He escapes from any crib and has to have a tent over his to keep him well, "caged." Prior to the tent and when trying to teach him to stay in his crib at 13 months old, I once put him back in it for an hour and a half over 80 times, I lost count after that, called Jared and told him to order the tent cover.

He must have a "baba" with him at all times. Its his bottle and my one source of bribery.

Cannot seem to grasp the concept of a cup. And he's somewhat of a scavenger, so if you leave a cup out, it will inevitably be taken by him, drunk a little, and most poured down his shirt and on the floor. Moral of story, we don't leave our cups out.

I'll stop here, although each day I have at least 3 stories. But in spite of all that, we are suckered into loving him... he's very cute, like adorable, he has a huge smile, loves his daddy more than any toy or toaster, and loves when I sing to him.

By the way, did I mention I'm pregnant:):) We're insane.
These are the moments that make up our life right now and oddly, when I write them they seem much funnier and wow, I love my kids!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To the stalwart people that keep checking this blog

You can clearly tell when I'm backed up on laundry, house cleaning, and paying office bills...cause thats when I blog:)

This is a little over due BUT Jared and I are expecting our 4th little bundle of craziness!!! Everything is going great! So great that I started feeling like this was totally different pregnancy than any of the others (hint, hint). Thats right people...we're having a girl!!:):) I can't believe it, in fact I'm so amazed I haven't even bought any girl clothes yet. But we made the technician look an additional 10 times just to be sure and she's a keeper. Right now, I'm sitting at 24 weeks and due on May 11. We are thrilled, excited, and praying she's a sedate child (yeah, I'm not holding my breath on that one)

Monday, October 18, 2010

closer, Closer, CLOSER

This is what happens when you point a camera in Cordell's direction:) Its very difficult to take family pictures.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Its been 6 months:)

The only reason I can think of that I'm blogging right now...because the house is dirty and my list of priorities suddenly has blogging right at the top. So we went to Lake Powell with our friends the Petzingers. We did bring a camera and nope we never used it. This is my Iphone and one of 4 pictures we took the whole week. But it was gorgeous, fun, and exhausting. We will definitely do it again. We will never take Cordell again...but we may review that rule when he turns 18. Preston and Noah had an absolute blast. Preston claimed that it changed his life! He wishes now to own and live on a house boat year round but then he rethought that and said he'd need a car to go get groceries. This is Antelope Canyon, just gorgeous.

Local (well as local as Twin falls is) carnival. With rides, 4H pets, and lots of learning to be had about agriculture. Hence the reason that Preston is happily an eggplant and Noah just the cutest farmer you've ever seen. We'll call it Local Appreciation Day in honor of our friends the Andersons.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why do we need a dog?

My sister came to visit a while back and brought their adorable dog. And since we have half a ton of mouse poison hidden in our garage we thought it best to keep the dog crated while he slept out there at night. Well, the dog left and family went home but the cage never made it into their car, so my kids made excellent use out of it:)
I went out to what I wish I could call my daily run on the treadmill and when I was about half way done...I turned around to see this.

(This is bound to turn up on the internet somewhere with titles of what horrible parents do to their children)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello handsome

Just an update on this bundle of cuteness:) Noah is amazing. He asks every time if something has what he calls "gluten six" in it (not sure how the six got attached). He's already gaining weight. The color has come back into those cute cheeks and hold on to your seats...HE'S POTTY TRAINED. I'm feeling giddy just saying it:) This could have been a nightmare, I envisioned lots of crying over the favorite foods but he doesn't even ask for them. I feel so blessed, he is just such a little trooper. Anyway, thats it. We are doing awesome.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Noah's new disease

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of babysitting Noah, you may not know that he has power poop. The kind that drives away people, animals and small bugs that may be in a 50 foot area. My brother claimed that it stunk up their like (put in huge number here) sq foot get the idea. So immediately potty training was commenced but after a year, I'm still changing diapers. Not only that, but they became diarrhea about every 10 time and he poops about 4-6 times a day. Now you might be wondering why I choose to enlighten all with this particularly gross info. Well, also over the last year he's lost weight and there wasn't much to lose, grown only 1 inch in 2 years, has stomach pains on a regular basis, and tells me he is hungry about every 15 minutes.

We finally saw a specialist and after some sticking and prodding and oh yeah, tubes going down his throat, he was diagnosed with celiacs. What is celiacs? Well, if it happened to me, it would be life over as I know it. But since I have this love affair with food that might be tad more that the average person, its probably not quite that dramatic. Noah is allergic to gluten aka the protein found in wheat, barley, rye and most oats. It means that his body sees gluten and sends out the troops to destroy it. But in doing so, it destroyed his stomach and intestinal wall so that food, not just gluten, couldn't be absorbed hence the tiny boy I love to see every day.

So he's been started on a gluten free diet. Which means no more grandma sycamore bread, gold fish, birthday cake, donuts, crackers, kikkoman soy sauce and cream of anything soup (those seem important for some reason) and about 60 percent of the food out there. I will no longer be shopping with my children since I have to read every label to see if it contains gluten,modified food starch, natural flavors, and any number of things that can be places for gluten to hide. And believe it or not, I liked shopping with my kids, because my husband is always there and it feels like a family outing. I know, I'm crazy. I'm a tad sad that I'll be shopping alone, most of the time. So there you have it. The Lord knew that I was unorganized and somewhat not caring about it and so blessed me with a child that will force me to be the most prepared (every time we leave the house, outing, vacation, etc must be thought through and planned for), the most organized women I can possibly be.

By the way, when I told Noah that he was not going to have diarrhea anymore he said, "Oh thank you mommy!" Adorable!